Women Gliding, a New Initiative

Welcome to the new Women Gliding Initiative. We have officially rebranded as of Saturday 13th February 2021.

We have a fancy new logo and this flashy new website; built by our very own Kelly Teagle, who flies at Sutton Bank.

We have many avenues that we are aiming to reach people. We hope to encourage those interested in trying gliding to give it a go and see what the hype is all about. Some of you may have gone solo and are wondering how to progress further into cross country flying, or getting the bug for competitive gliding.

Whatever your background, Women Gliding provides not only a platform but a supportive community that joins together female glider pilots from around the UK.

We have the ability to hook you up for training in a two-seater, or point you in the right direction to finding your local gliding club.

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Head to our YouTube channel for great videos, and what's happening live at competitions and with the British Women's Team.

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If you are already a glider pilot and a member of a BGA club, then join our Women Gliding community support group on Facebook.

We look forward to building a strong community, and we hope to see you all soon.


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