What is Women Gliding?

We came into this world as an idea by the British Team during the Women’s World Gliding Championship in Germany in 2005. The aim was to encourage more women into gliding, and into competition gliding and the National Team.

Currently only approx. 3–7% of glider pilots are women, even though gliding requires no physical strength. It should not in any way be exclusive, yet the environment is still very male.

Since the idea was first conceived Women Gliding has helped several women progress with their gliding up to National Team level, we’ve organised coaching weeks, winter development days, weekend “compettes”.

Thanks to kind benefactors we’ve been able to lend gliders to women for a season, and we’ve raised the profile of female pilots in gliding.

Our aims are still the same: We want to encourage women to take up gliding, and we’re a community for anyone who identifies as a woman in gliding. We want to encourage you, support you, coach you, inform you, meet up and build a strong network!

Gliding gave me an answer to just about every interview question for my first "proper" job. An interesting ice-breaker in networking. A sense of community and belonging, a family of sorts. Personal growth - pushing through feelings of incompetence and inadequacy, and coming out on the other side. A love of clouds.

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