What is Women Gliding?

We came into this world as an idea formulated by the British Women's Gliding Team in 2005. The aim was to encourage more women into gliding, and ultimately into competition gliding and the National Team.

Currently in the UK only approx. 8% of glider pilots are women, and we’re trying to change that. Gliding is exhilarating, accessible and truly a team sport. Whether you just want to see the world from above, spend a leisurely day on the airfield with friends, dream of doing aerobatics, or want to compete at the highest level: There is something for everyone.

We have built a strong community which now includes women from Sweden, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Australia…, we’ve organised coaching weeks, winter development days, social meet-ups, and a Women Gliding squad which has helped several women progress to National Team level.

Thanks to kind benefactors we’ve been able to lend gliders to women for a season, and we’ve raised the profile of female pilots in gliding.

Our aims are still the same: We want to encourage women to take up gliding, and we’re a community for anyone who identifies as a woman in gliding. We want to encourage you, support you, coach you, inform you, build a strong community and enjoy the world's best sport together!

Gliding improved my health. I had to lose weight to glide and then it gave me motivation to keep it off.

It also gave me a work life balance. If I didn't have a hobby or a reason not to work I would work all hours. Now I want to be at the airfield, not at work on weekends!

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