The Continuation of Lockdown

As we all sit here in our homes, watching out the window as the winter wave season passes us by, it can be a tough thing to take. We feel your pain. This lockdown seems to be dragging on a bit now.

Hopefully it won't be too long before lockdown comes to an end, and we can get back to the sport that we all love most.

We are putting this lockdown time to good use, with the arrival of our new website, and behind the scenes work to bring you a virtual training event (date to be announced). We are also coming up with ways to support you this season, no matter how much COVID may or may not get in the way. I am sure we will all be glad to get back in the sky one way or another.

Whilst you are here please sign up for our email list, where you will get weekly emails about's whats happening at women gliding, and events and trainings that take place during the year.

We look forward to announcing our virtual training day very soon, and catching up with you all!

Stay safe,


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