Solo to Cross-Country

Finally gone solo?  You will forever have that flight imprinted in your mind.

Going solo for most glider pilots is one of the most emotionally exciting days in their life. The apprehension, the excitement, the exhilaration, all rolled into one.

But there is much more to gliding than just going solo.

After you have gone solo there is a whole world that opens up to you once you have your wings.

You can choose the direction you want to take your gliding career, whether it be aerobatics, cross-country flying, wave flying, or flying in unique places and countries, it's completely up to you!

Gliding gave me an answer to just about every interview question for my first "proper" job. An interesting ice-breaker in networking. A sense of community and belonging, a family of sorts. Personal growth - pushing through feelings of incompetence and inadequacy, and coming out on the other side. A love of clouds.

Check out one of our very own pilots, Claudia, who found the advice of the Women Gliding community very helpful on her journey to the British Women’s Gliding Team.

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