WOMENS SPRING WEEKEND 16-18 February 2024 - The Long Mynd

We have arranged another Winter Weekend for members of Women Gliding. We went to The Long Mynd in 2022 but the weather didn't allow for flying, so we're trying again! The aim will be to get everyone (who wants to) in the air over the weekend, plus we'll have some talks - details to follow.

There is clubhouse accommodation, or you can bring your own (e.g. campervan) or stay somewhere else local. We are coordinating the allocation of clubhouse accommodation so please don't contact the club direct for that.

If you'd like to join us, please email Ali Carpenter using the button below, and with the following information:

  • Which days you're planning to arrive and depart: 
  • Do you want to book clubhouse accommodation:
    • If so which nights: 
    • Do you have preferences on which room you'd like / not like to be allocated to (options here - we can't guarantee you'll get your preference as we want to fit everyone in): 
  • For flying planning
    • Are you planning to bring your own aircraft: 
    • Have you flown solo at The Long Mynd before: 

We look forward to hearing from you!

The First National Women Go Gliding Weekend

27 - 28th April 2024

Where: Gliding Clubs up and down the country. The following gliding clubs have announced that they'll be taking part, so you can go and fly there on the weekend!

Send them an email to get more details, or to book a flight!

Name of ClubClub Emails
Nene Valley G 
Essex & Suffolk Gliding
Dorset Gliding
Portsmouth Naval Gliding
London Gliding
Burn Gliding
Herefordshire Gliding
Midland Gliding
Deeside Gliding
Lasham Gliding Society
Buckminster Gliding
Oxford Gliding
Edgehill Gliding 
Rattlesden Gliding
Mendip Gliding
Bristol &

Competition Coaching weekend AND fly in a two-seater at the 20 metre Nationals

YOU could fly in Duo Discus 620 at the 20m Nationals... with fantastic coaches!

We'll be running a coaching weekend PLUS a competition coaching session in early 2024.

We'll begin with a coaching weekend in April to select TWO lucky pilots to fly in the 20m Nationals at Lasham, 25th May to 2nd June inclusive.  The coaching weekend in April will be preparation to act as final selection for two pilots to share the competition flying, on alternate days with coach Tim Robson.

Applications for a place on the coaching weekend are needed by January 31st 2024. You will need to be available for the whole competition in order to qualify for the preparation weekend, which will be the 27th and 28th April 2024.

We will be applying for Ted Lys funding for both the glider hire and launch costs for the preparation weekend and for the competition entry and launch fees. Accommodation will NOT be covered by the funding, however there are bunk rooms available at Lasham and we may be able to arrange loan/rental of caravans already on site.

Coaching will include XC technique, task planning, competition task planning and flying. Liz Sparrow will be leading the coaching on the selection session and Tim Robson will be coaching for the competition week (9 days).

So, to reiterate:

  • Coaching weekend: 27/28 April 2024 (at Lasham) - Also 'National Women Go Gliding weekend!'
  • 20m Nationals: 25 May to 2 June 2024, inclusive (at Lasham)
  • You must be available for ALL of the competition and coaching dates
  • TWO pilots will be selected at the coaching weekend
  • Costs of glider hire, competition entry and launch costs will be covered by the funding
  • Accommodation costs will NOT be covered - you need to arrange this yourself!
  • Apply by 31 Jan 2024.

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