Are you looking for some support and upgrade of your gliding skills?

Join us on our Virtual Training Day!

In 2021 we are starting the season with a virtual training day.

Due to the lockdown it has been impossible to meet, so we'll bring you training via Zoom.

When? 21st February 2021 10am - 4pm

Where? Join via Zoom, for a day of webinars from field landings, to route planning to inflight plumbing.


Sign up by adding the 'Women Gliding Virtual Training' to your basket in the Shop (it's free!):

Pre-Worlds at Husbands Bosworth

7th - 15th August 2021

We're holding a pre-Worlds competition at the Hus Bos Challenge Cup International. All pilots are invited to join us, and we'll have a number of visiting foreign pilots too.

Gliding gave me a reason to look up at the sky and take notice of the clouds, the wind etc.
When I was a teenager learning to fly it was time spent with my Dad at the airfield and flying together which is very precious as he is no longer around. Now it gives me a sense of achievement as there are constantly new goals to reach for. Also, when flying I just think about flying, no time to dwell or ruminate on troubles elsewhere in life!!!

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