Are you looking for some support and upgrade of your gliding skills?

Join us on our Virtual Training Day!

In 2021 we are starting the season with a virtual training day.

Due to the lockdown it has been impossible to meet, so we'll bring you training via Zoom.

When? 21st February 2021 10am - 4pm

Where? Join via Zoom, for a day of webinars from field landings, to route planning to inflight plumbing.


Sign up by adding the 'Women Gliding Virtual Training' to your basket in the Shop (it's free!):

Pre-Worlds at Husbands Bosworth

7th - 15th August 2021

We're holding a pre-Worlds competition at the Hus Bos Challenge Cup International. All pilots are invited to join us, and we'll have a number of visiting foreign pilots too.

Gliding improved my health. I had to lose weight to glide and then it gave me motivation to keep it off.

It also gave me a work life balance. If I didn't have a hobby or a reason not to work I would work all hours. Now I want to be at the airfield, not at work on weekends!

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