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You can apply to join the Women Gliding Squad now!

We'll be providing focused training and support, with the aim of supporting female pilots who want to fly competitions at National or International level. This training has been really successful in 2020/2021/2022/2023

Our Squad is now 24 in total! If you would like to be part of this amazing group of ladies that are constantly working towards improving their own cross country experience and aiming towards gaining a place on the Women's British Team, then please fill out the application below.

If you have some experience in flying competitions at Regional level or above, and you want to develop into a National or International pilot, please apply to join the Squad.

Training for 2024, will start in February with webinar trainings that will happen over zoom during the week in the evening. There will be a squad development week that will happen alongside the Women's Team training week, dates will be announced in 2024.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE 5PM 31th January 2024

    Your comp experience*

    Gliding improved my health. I had to lose weight to glide and then it gave me motivation to keep it off.

    It also gave me a work life balance. If I didn't have a hobby or a reason not to work I would work all hours. Now I want to be at the airfield, not at work on weekends!

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