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Duo Discus HB1 in wave, taken from another glider

How are you preparing for the 2022 season?

Believe it or not there is a lot to do during the winter to help you prepare for the upcoming season.  Next year are you planning to get your bronze badge? or complete a badge distance? how about entering your first regional, national or international competition? Wherever you are in your flying experience, you can always keep busy during the winter months....

A picture of Sarah on a racing bike, taken during a triathlon in Austria

A wish for wings PART 3…

Professionally, I graduated into AirUK (now KLMuk) onto the ATR72, then Fokker 50 and BAe146, and they too supported my gliding so I secured time off for summer competitions. I borrowed a PW5 for the World Air Games in Spain and basically flew it like as ASW24. I led for most of the week, dropping to third on the penultimate day, then daftly did an “all or nothing” attempt...

Sarah on the top of the podium at the Women's Worlds, with her gold medal round her neck, holding up her trophy, and with a camera person filming and an official looking on

A wish for wings PART 2…

By the summer, it was time for the Junior Nationals again. This time I was in Imperial’s top cross-country machine, their ASW19 “96” (still with no averager!) and did a lot better. I managed to tailgate Steve Jones a couple of times and started to see how he ran the energy lines. I even beat him on one day, mainly through naivety as a warm front approached....

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